iCtrl-R mini inclusa spedizione verso l'Italia

The iCtrl-R mini is the most complete MIDI-USB controller with pocket size dimensions!

When you're on the road, it's not so confortable to bring along your entire kit and set up. Equipment is large, heavy and setup is a hassle.
Other controllers have larger dimensions and durability issues



iCtrl-R mini MIDI-USB - pocket size controller equipped with gesture recognition technology

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The concept

iCtRl-R mini express yourself

That's why we created the iCtrl-R Mini.


iCtrl-R mini MIDI-USB pocket size controller  

iCtrl-R mini including shipping to Europe
iCtrl-R mini including shipping to Europe
iCtrl-R mini Bluetooth inclusa spedizione verso l'Italia

For order outside Europe send an e-mail to info@daelectronics.com and we’ll see what we can do for you!




The iCtrl-R Mini is the first MIDI floor controller equipped with gesture recognition technology, the Vslider, so you can control tones just by moving your hand/foot back and forth from the controller it's a musician dream, featuring:

-A portable and ultra durable design that will last
-Works with iOS, WIN, MAC and any program that supports USB-MIDI
-5Volt power supply through USB (and rechargeable battery on the bluetooth version only)
-V-Slider technology to change sounds with a wave of your hand or foot

Works with your favorite MIDI hardware, iOS/MAC/PC software the Atomic Amplifire, the AXE FX II and the Kemper Profiler.
The iCtrl-R is fully USB-MIDI compliant and works with iOS and MAC/WIN devices, along with hundreds of apps such as Amplitube, Bias Fx, Jamup, Guitar Rig, Main stage and more, so you can plug in and get set up quickly and easily.

Size and portability matter.
the iCtrl-R mini is designed and built to be compact and durable.
The enclosure is diecast alluminum and the switches are heavy duty long lasting push buttons and at only 650 grams it's light enough to bring anywhere.

Tech specs.
The iCtrl-R is nicely designed and precision engineered.

Dimensions: 120mm x 95 mm x 35 mm  (approx. 4.37 x 3.70 x 1.17 inch)
Weight: 650grams.
Materials: Diecast alluminum, heavy duty pushbuttons
Gesture sensor: Sensitive proximity sensors that are capable of recognizing gestures and can be used to modulate parameters like wah, volume, pitch, sustain and mapped midi parameters
Processor: ARM Cortex-M0+ processor at 48 MHz
Output: Standard MIDI OUT connector & mini USB that charges the iCtrl-R mini and can be used as a USB-MIDI connection
Power: 5Volt through USB connector

iCtrl-R Mini/ OS Compatibility: USB-MIDI compatible with CoreMIDI on iOS, Mac and PC. Connect quickly and easily to your computer via Micro USB or to your iPhone/iPad using the optional camera connection kit.