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The iCtrl-R Mini DS
The Most Compact, powerful and Simple-to Use MIDI-Bluetooth Controller Equipped with gesture recognition technology

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The iCtrl-R Mini DS...'s time to leave the large expensive MIDI controller.

When you buy a Midi controller you ha to focus on 4 things:

  1. Portability. All musician approach to MIDI dreaming their controller with thousand of buttons and lights. it looks like a dream but it's actually a nightmare since it actually means less room in your pedalboard, more weight on your back and more manual pages to be read.
  2. Price. Don't just look at the price, there are very cheap MIDI controller on the market but you will soon discover that some of them can send only some type of messages or need additional accessories (expression pedals, bluetooth modules poere banks etc).
  3. Connections. When you approach to a MIDI controller you may think that all of them have the same type connections, that's not completely right, some of them has just 5-pin MIDI, some other doesn't have the MIDI to USB, some other can't be connected to Bluetooth MIDI devices, some other has no MIDI to TRS jack.
  4. Programming. Not all the MIDI controller are programmable, some of them have limited programmability

A perfect MIDI controller in our opinion should so:

  1. Have few super programmable multifunction quiet switches.
  2. Be portable (small dimension and battery powered) and compact with built in expression controls.
  3. Be fully programmable.
  4. Have 5 pin MIDI in/out ports + MIDI on USB + MIDI on Bluetooth + MIDI on TRS jack.

The iCtrl-R Mini DS it's the right choice because it has:

  • MIDI over BT;
  • MIDI over USB;
  • MIDI IN & OUT standard ports;
  • MIDI over TRS jack compatible with all existing midi TRS wiring;
  • The VSLIDER, a built in expression system to control wah and whammy;
  • A large colorful Gorilla Glass display;
  • A rechargeable battery that lasts 8 hrs;
  • Less than 1kg in 10x12x5 cm box;
  • Fully programmable with the OS X / Win editor

With iCtr-R Mini DS you can easily:

  • switching scenes on your Axe FX;
  • accessing the snapshots on you HX Stomp;
  • selecting preset on your Amplifire or Iridium;
  • dynamically change any effect preset like the wah wah of your Kemper;
  • recall sounds stored in your Meris pedals;
  • Toggle individual effects on and off through Bluetooth on Bias FX or Amplitube;
  • Turn the page on screen of any digital music sheet or Guitar TAB.

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