-Download the Rev 1.2 editor for the mini here:

-Connect your mini to a WIn PC

-Unzip the "Editor.zip" file

-go to the "bin" folder inside the "Editor" folder and hit "eeprom clear" file and wait

-hit then "up" file in the bin folder and wait

-go back to the editor folder and hit "iCtrl-R editor"

-you can now make midi assigment to the buttons, vslider and expressio pedal !

-The next time we'll release a firmware you can now upload it through the tool function of this editor.

-This version has only the custom iCtrl-R tab enabled

-First of all download and install Java for your computer here :

Download the beta version of the editor/firmware loader

This version of the desktop editor works with the non bluetooth version of the mini connected to a Win PC
The MAC/nonBT/Bluetooth version is coming soon...


Software downloads for our Midi Controllers