The 6F Editor/FW

With this new version of the editor you can now assign up to 6 message to each button.
Additionally you can press the button in 6 different way and assign to each action different MIDI messages:
-single click and release (red led slow blinking)
-double click and release (red led medium blinking)
-triple click and release (red led fast blinking)
-single click and hold (blue led slow blinking)
-double click and hold (blue led medium blinking)
-triple click and hold (blue led fast blinking)

Enjoy your Mini!


Mac version (pre Catilina)

Mac version (Catilina)

Win 10 version

With our Editor you can program your Mini according to your needs. You can choose from various combinations of Program Change, CC Toggle, Momentary CC, Tap CC, Fractal Scene, Preset Scroll + and Preset Scroll -.

Moreover, you can easily set both the Control CC and the Switch CC, the response times of your expression pedal and of the Vslider, our virtual expression pedal!
The Editor includes the possibility to load your custom firmware and save/load settings function. In this way, you'll be able to create and save different combinations of MIDI messages to load by a simple click!
Download the version suitable for your Mini. The Editor is available for both Win and OS X platforms.

Enjoy your Mini!